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Funeral Flowers Brookvale, Cheshire

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Losing a loved one is a difficult experience for all. At such a difficult time, it is important to express your heartfelt sympathy and condolences by sending funeral flowers. Sending flowers has been a tradition for many years now and it is certainly one way to express your sympathy. When words fail, an appropriate funeral flower arrangement has the ability to speak from the heart.

Whether you’re attending burial or cremation ceremony, arranging funeral flower delivery in the UK is a thoughtful gesture. We understand the sentiments behind this special occasion and sensitivity of this type of flower delivery. Our utmost care and attention goes into crafting beautiful funeral tributes to pay your respect.

We offer a convenient way to book delivery of flowers for funerals. Our range of memorial flowers has been designed to offer you traditional fresh cut flowers as floral tributes at prices you can afford. Whether you are looking for a loving funeral tribute for mum, dad, grandad, nan or other relatives, you will find a fitting design in our collection. In case you prefer to send flowers to express your sympathy, you can choose from our collection of sympathy flowers.

Sending funeral flowers is a sensitive matter and we do not take it lightly. To ensure a successful delivery of your flowers for funeral, please check the place of the funeral, funeral director’s name and time of the funeral properly before you buy funeral flowers online. Delivery to funeral homes in the UK is free from Monday to Sunday. Order your funeral tribute online and get it delivered to the place of funeral one day earlier. This way the tribute will be properly displayed in time for the funeral ceremony, along with your condolences card.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale with free UK delivery – order funeral flowers online. Sheaves, posies, wreaths, sprays or funeral arrangements from only £29.99.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale do not need to be expensive. We can offer flowers for funeral in a range of price categories to satisfy all requirements. How much you spend on funeral flowers is really a personal choice – if you had very close relationship with deceased or you’re related, you might want to purchase a more impressive arrangement or a wreath instead of a small funeral posy.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale: Types of arrangements available

From floral baskets to standing sprays, dish gardens, wreaths, crosses, and hearts – there are a number of funeral flowers to choose from. Which you choose generally depends on the recipient and the individual organizing the funeral. There are a number of funeral wreaths available at our shop, many of which are designed and hand-made by a team of in-house florists using fresh cut flowers and foliage. Choose from a range of designs, including both contemporary and traditional styles – all of which will help you to express your sympathy and condolences. Popular displays feature the likes of roses, lilies, carnations, gerbera, chrysanthemums, wax flowers, and greenery.

We can offer a range of reefs, sprays, wreaths, posies, sheaves, cushions and other arrangements – all of which are prepared in-house and can be delivered directly to the door of the recipient or straight to the funeral home.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale: Guide to Funeral Flowers

Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience for all. To help those grieving, it’s important to show your condolences. Sending flowers has been a tradition for many years now and it is certainly one way to express your sympathy. When words fail, an appropriate funeral flower arrangement has the ability to speak from the heart.

However, not all arrangements are appropriate and it’s important to understand the differences between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers too.

Types of arrangements available

From floral baskets to standing sprays, dish gardens, wreaths, crosses, and hearts – there are a number of funeral flowers to choose from. Which you choose generally depends on the recipient and the individual organizing the funeral.

Floral baskets: This style of funeral flower comes in the shape of an attractive arrangement and one that is suited both to the service and the home.

Standing sprays: These are traditionally placed near the casket and come positioned on an easel-style structure. They are typically sent directly to the funeral home. Serenata Flowers have a number of sprays for funerals created using an assortment of fresh cut flowers, including single-ended funeral sprays in a range of hues and designs.

Wreaths, hearts, and crosses: These large displays are the perfect option for close friends and family and as before are usually displayed next to the casket. Funeral crosses signify faith, wreaths represent eternal life and heart-shaped arrangements indicate love. They are both displayed in the funeral home and at the graveside.

Dish gardens: These funeral flowers boast an array of colorful plants and greenery and come in a basket or decorative vessel. These are suited to be sent directly to the family’s home or the wake.

Sheaves: Funeral sheaves fashioned out of cut flowers including red, purple, white, yellow, lavender or mixed hues are a popular option for funeral arrangements and can be sent directly to recipient’s address or to the funeral home.

Funeral cushions: If you’re looking for an arrangement that is a little different in style, look no further than a funeral cushion. These elegant floral tributes are a great way to share your condolences with friends and family. From roses to lilies to posies – there are a number of floral options to choose from. For best results, pick a flower and color you know the individual would have adored.

Posies: These arrangements are a versatile option, and come in the shape of classic designs, heart-shaped displays, crosses, and circular wreaths. Choose a design that is representative of the individual’s personality. If sending directly to the funeral home, it’s a good idea to check if there is a color scheme prior to purchasing this product. The organizer may have decided on dark hues and a particular type of flower.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale: Appropriate funeral flowers

Not all species of flower are suitable for a funeral arrangement. Many flowers have symbolic meanings and it’s important to learn more about the messages they convey, as we’ve detailed here:

Lilies: These are one of the most prevalent choices when it comes to funeral flowers. They are symbolic of the soul of the departed and represent restored innocence.

Carnations: White carnations are appropriate for a funeral display, as they represent both innocence and love. Red carnations are another popular option, as they are symbolic of admiration, as are pink carnations, which represent remembrance.

Gladioli: This majestic, tall species of flower is a good option to place in a funeral arrangement, as they convey feelings of character, strength, sincerity and moral integrity.

Chrysanthemums: These flowers are generally used for funeral arrangements in European cultures only. They are sometimes used in the United States as a way of cheerfully honoring an individual who lived a full and happy life.

Orchids: Both white and pink orchids are used to honor those who have passed away. They are symbolic of eternal love and as such, are reserved for close family and friends. When choosing orchids, opt for Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids.

Roses: This floral species boasts an array of different meanings. When used in a funeral arrangement, however, they symbolize both youthfulness and innocence, as well as love and courage. Crimson roses are one of the most prevalent options for funeral flower arrangements as they denote feelings of sorrow and grief.

Funeral flowers dad
Funeral flowers for dad can be tailored to the individual. With this in mind, you may wish to choose an arrangement that has a theme. For example, if he was a huge football fan, you can opt for an arrangement that is fashioned using the team colors or an arrangement shaped like a football.

Funeral flowers for men
When choosing funeral flowers for men, more masculine design is appropriate. Bolder variants and darker or neutral colors are both popular options, such as red, purple, yellow, dark blue, orange and white. It’s also a good idea to opt for an arrangement that is either traditional or conservative in style. The season will play a big part when it comes to choosing blooms, as not all flowers are available or in season at the same time. For example, fresh flowers such as lilies tend to be readily available in the cooler autumn months, while richer hued options are available in the winter months. You can even add the likes of rich green foliage and red berries to the mix. In the summer months, opt for gladiolas, carnations, irises or daffodils.

Funeral flowers grandad
Funeral flowers for grandad are often gifted by the grandchildren. As such, they tend to take on a theme and may showcase the image of a pair of golf clubs (if he was a golf fanatic) within the floral design. If you wish to opt for something a little different, choose a funeral plant instead. This is a gift family members can keep post the service and something that will live on, as a reminder of the person they have lost.
Flower arrangements brandishing hues of red and white are popular options when it comes to choosing funeral flowers for grandad, as these hues are associated with caring, loving, strong and fun characteristics. The red flowers represent love and the white flowers represent honor – an ideal color combination for the patriarch of the family.
For something grand, opt for a standing spray display complete with white roses, lilies, mini carnations, and chrysanthemums. Sit them alongside a backdrop of lush greens and emerald palm fronds.

Funeral flowers mum
Funeral flowers for mum can take on a more feminine, delicate design. When choosing a floral arrangement, pick her favorite flower or color and fashion a wreath, basket or standing spray.
Themed designs will add a more personal touch, especially as you can incorporate the individual’s interests into the display. Letter designs are an ideal option, as they will allow you to spell out a heartfelt message, such as ‘we love you mum’.

From carnations to roses, to orchids, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to funeral flowers for nan. If she had a favorite flower, be sure to include this in the display. Similarly, if she had a preferred color, fashion a design using these hues in order to create an arrangement she would be proud of.
Shaped floral displays are a great option when it comes to picking funeral flowers for nan – as they offer something a little more personal than a simple design. Choose from the likes of a rose, calla and willow cross, a contemporary cushion display, star-shaped flowers, woodland star designs, an angel-shaped display or a heart with a teddy.

: How to Choose a Funeral Wreath

Funerals, although a celebration of life, are also mournful occasions. They require a great deal of organisation, and even if you’re not the main organiser, it’s a great idea to do all you can to show your support at a difficult time.

After a loved one has passed, it’s tradition to send funeral flowers to the grieving family. In fact, it has been a long-running tradition in the UK and is an appropriate way to pass on condolences.

Choosing the correct funeral wreath arrangement can be somewhat difficult. To avoid picking the wrong funeral wreath or arrangement, it is best to speak to the individual organising the funeral. They will be able to inform you of any colour schemes or styles they have in place.

Funeral wreaths
These flower arrangements are the ones most typically associated with funerals. They come in the shape of a circular design, and whether you are a family or friend, they are suitable to send directly to a church or crematorium.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale: Mistakes to avoid
When sending funeral flowers and wreaths, firstly address the flowers to both the family and the deceased, after all, it is a celebration of their life. Secondly, try to choose an arrangement that is personal. This could be a wreath fashioned out of their favourite flowers and colours. In addition, make the message on the card personal. A comforting note is all that is needed, and shows your condolences to the family.

You should also do all you can to avoid ordering an inappropriate arrangement. By this, we mean that certain types of flowers can symbolise certain feelings, which is why it is important to do your research.

Consider the recipient or type of funeral
If it’s an informal funeral, opt for informal flowers. Likewise, if it’s a formal funeral, you’ll need to choose an appropriate arrangement. Similarly, consider the recipient. You want the flowers to portray their personality as the service is a celebration of their life!

How to order funeral wreath from a distance

If you’re unable to attend the funeral, but still wish to pay your respects, you can order a funeral wreath online and have it sent directly to the individual’s home or funeral director. If sending to the funeral director, speak to those organising the service as they will be able to inform you of any colour schemes or designs in play. Keep in mind that a funeral wreath will need to be delivered to the location of your choice, so you will need to ensure there is enough time for the process to be completed prior to the funeral taking place.

Funeral wreath recommendations
There are a number of funeral wreaths to choose from, including an array of designs, shapes and hues. Our partner, Serenata Flowers, funeral wreaths are designed and hand-made in house by specialist florists. Choose from an assortment of options, including both traditional and contemporary funeral wreaths, all of which will allow you to express your sympathy and condolences.

The wreaths available are created using fresh flowers and comprise of lilies, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, gerbera, wax flowers and green foliage. You can order funeral wreaths online, to be delivered directly to the funeral home.

Classic white wreath: A classic white wreath is a popular, failsafe option. It boasts an elegant design comprising carnations, white roses and wax flowers.

Classic pink wreath: A classic pink wreath is similar in style, with the addition of pretty pinks and purples. Carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and statice make up this funeral wreath.

Rose trio heart: This is a good option for those looking for a more personalised design, due to the heart shape of the wreath. The roses are red, pink and white and aim to lift the mood of those mourning.

White lily wreath: Oriental lilies, carnations and chrysanthemums make up this elegant wreath, which boasts an abundance of fresh flowers.

What to say in a funeral card
Sending a funeral wreath to a friend or a family member during a time of loss is a wonderful act of kindness, and one that shows them you care and want to wish them well throughout a difficult period. When sending funeral flowers or a wreath, you will often be given the option to include a message.

Finding the right words to say is a challenge and must be considered wisely. With your message, try to raise the spirits of those mourning and show them that they are not alone. Offering a sense of understanding and support is a great way to do this.

Types of flowers commonly used at funerals

There are many flowers and floral designs that are used at funerals, of which the following are the most predominant species:


For a more traditional and classic feel, opt for carnations and roses. For something more contemporary in style, you may wish to choose an eclectic combination of flowers.

Color to be used at funerals

Another point to take into consideration is color and the individual organising the funeral may have a colour scheme in mind. It’s therefore wise to enquire prior to purchasing a funeral wreath. Flowers, especially those with bright hues, pose a significant effect on the ambience of the venue and the mood of those present there.

Flower colour tends to come down to personal preference and many will often choose a hue that the deceased enjoyed. Both bright yellows and deep purples are common funeral colours. The flowers used generally don’t carry loud or glaring tones, and instead showcase soft and muted hues.

Another point to take into consideration is location. Large white wreaths are more suited to funeral homes that boast collared halls, while colourful funeral wreaths are more apt for conventional funeral homes and white churches.

Proper flower arrangements
You can either opt for formal or informal flower arrangements. Formal arrangements tend to come in the shape of crosses fashioned out of flowers or wreaths. Cross arrangements are often used at Christian funerals, while wreaths can be used at almost allan> funerals.

Informal arrangements comprise of potted plants, baskets, cut flowers, pedestal arrangements, bouquets, posies, headstone flowers, planters, sprays, and floral sticks, which are tied together using ribbons.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale: How are the different flower arrangements used at funerals?

There are many different uses for funeral flowers. Sprays tend to be placed on the casket of the deceased, while wreathsspan>, bouquets and crosses are mainly used for display purposes only, and are placed strategically throughout the room where the funeral is taking place.

Funeral flower arrangements work to create a soothing ambience and add light to the moods of those mourning. These arrangemen>pan>ts can be customised, by adding the names and life dates of the deceased.

How to Choose Condolence Flowers

If you’re attending funeral or just heard about a loved one passing away, you are probably looking to buy some condolence flowers. Expressing your sympathy with flowers is a beautiful gesture that the bereaved family will certainly appreciate.

First of all, what do we understand under condolence flowers?

It could be either sympathy flowers or funeral flowers. What is the difference?

Sympathy Flowers
Sympathy flowers are normally delivered to the home of the bereaved family, shortly after announcing the news of a loved one passing away. They are accompanied with a sympathy card with condolences messages. Sympathy flowers can be in form of a traditional flower bouquet, normally in white or simple colours, nothing too vibrant. You can also send a flower arrangement. If you happen to know the favourite flowers of the deceased, you can send those too and add a note in the sympathy card. Even though it is a standard practice to send white flowers to express sympathy, that shouldn’t stop you from choosing a bright coloured bouquet, as a symbol of celebration of life of the person who passed away. Sympathy flowers are usually sent after a few days following the death. You can also bring them in person to the home, if you have the chance. Plants make also a great sympathy gift as they are long lasting, so the bereaved family will have a lasting reminder of your support and wishes.

If you’re sending sympathy flowers, they should be always address to the bereaved family.

Funeral Flowers
Funeral flowers are normally delivered to the place of the burial ceremony, or cremation ceremony. They are address to the funeral director, not to the family of the bereaved. They are larger than normal flowers, usually not in a form of a traditional bouquet. They are used as part of the decoration at the burial ceremony and also in the burial place. They are delivered together with funeral cards and can be customized by the florists to fit the wishes of the person sending them.

Some of the most common funeral flowers are:

funeral wreaths
funeral sheaves
funeral arrangements
funeral posies
funeral cushions
casket sprays
floral crosses

If you’re choosing funeral flowers, here is a short guide on what type of arrangement is advisable:

Funeral Wreaths – these are used often as part of the decoration of the funeral home and also at the burial site. They can be accompanied with a ribbon and vary in sizes. They tend to be more expensive than smaller funeral arrangement and are suitable to send as a tribute from a whole family.

Funeral Sheaves – they are the most common condolence flowers. They can be traditional or double-ended sheaves. Sheaves are an alternative to a traditional flower bouquet used for funerals. They are hand-tied flowers, usually roses and lilies, complimented with black or white ribbon. They are usually the most affordable funeral tribute.

Funeral Arrangement – they can have various sizes and shapes, giving you an option to choose something in your budget.

Funeral Posies – are some of the smaller condolences flowers. As per funeral etiquette, they are usually brought by distant relative or can be also brought by smaller children. If you prefer sending a posy instead of other tribute, that shouldn’t stop you from doing so.

Casket sprays – also known as coffin sprays. These should be purchased only by the bereaved family who is arranging the funeral. They can be one sided or double sided and are quire large.

Floral crosses – if you know the deceased person was a religious one, you can choose to send a religious tribute in form of funeral flower cross. They are used as decoration in the funeral home during the ceremony.

Funeral cushions – they are said to symbolise the deceased taking a final rest. They can be used as part of the decoration in the funeral home.

Choosing the perfect condolences flowers is not difficult. Simply pick a bouquet that you think express your sadness about the passing of a loved one and attach a heartfelt sympathy note.

Funeral Flowers Brookvale

Our company offers the highest standard of flower delivery in Brookvale and surrounding areas. Our wide selection ensures that you can find precisely what you’re looking for. 24 hour delivery is available for maximum convenience. We have one of the broadest selections of flower arrangements available anywhere in the UK.

When you need to send funeral flowers, our online shop makes it easy to place your order. We can give you a wide array of options.