Gerbera Flowers

gerbera flowers

Bright and cheerful with a daisy-like appearance; there are plenty of reasons to love the gerbera flower. Originally from South Africa and available in a variety of colours and sizes, Gerberas are typically bred for its bright colours and stunning fragrance. They are one of the most popular flower species in terms of their vast numbers in florists and retail outlets and throughout the year there are a variety of potted and cut forms available. All this means that beautiful flower which was barely known just 20 years ago has now become something of a fashion statement in the floral world. The fifth most popular flower in the world after roses, carnations, chrysanthemum and tulips, gerbera flowers are thought to symbolise innocence, purity and cheerfulness. Distinguished by its large flowering head that closely resembles a sunflower; the Gerbera flower is available in salmon, snow white, yellow and bright pink colours. While breeding programs of this stunning flower began in England during the 1890s after being founded, the popularity of the gerbera flower soon made its way to the Netherlands before making their way across the world.

Number 1 – they’re from South Africa – Although popular in the UK and the rest of the world, the flower was actually founded in 1884 in South Africa. Scotsman Robert Jameson was responsible for the discovery but the flower was not named after him. Instead, it takes its title from its scientific breeder – the German doctor Traugott Gerber. Number 2 – they’re fifth in the world – when it comes to popularity, the Gerber may not quite compete with the likes of roses but it does come a more than commendable fifth in the world. Now that’s a popular daisy! Number 3 – they’re not always healthy – the typical image of a Gerbera is of an upright flower with bold and beautiful petals. Unfortunately, not all examples of the breed are so healthy and this flower species is actually prone to fungal diseases. Make sure you take this into consideration if bringing into your home or garden. Number 4 – they’re incredibly varied – all flower species have variations within their breed but with the Gerbera this goes to new levels. Differing in size as well as colour, there are thousands of different forms of this flower found all over the world. Talk about choice! Number 5 – they’re sometimes called the African Daisy – Due to their daisy like appearance and their origins, this flower is sometimes known as the African Daisy. If you hadn’t heard of a Gerbera before but were familiar with the flower then this could be why. Number 6 – they’re most cultivated in the USA (potted varieties) – While the flowers are incredibly popular all over the world, the places in which they’re most cultivated are actually in the USA. Both California and Florida cultivate the largest number of these potted flowers than anywhere else in the world. Number 7 – they’re most cut elsewhere – Florida and California may have the monopoly on cultivated potted Gerberas but for cut varieties you need to look elsewhere. The Netherlands and Columbia produce the largest amount of cut Gerberas, outperforming every other country in the world. Number 8 – they’re clever – although they are prone to fungal disease, these flowers have developed some intelligent safety defences. They attract bees and butterflies – perfect for pollination and adding colour to your garden – but they are resistant to deer. Number 9 – they’re perfect for April birthdays- if you’ve got a birthday coming up at the end of this month and aren’t sure what to get then a bouquet of Gerberas could be ideal. Gerberas are actually the birth flower for the month of April and their bright and colourful appearance is sure to lift any spirits. Number 10 – they like to keep cool – while some flowers thrive in hot and humid climates or when placed in direct sunlight, Gerberas actually prefer a cooler temperature. This makes them a great flower for British homes and gardens but you should still ensure they get enough sunlight and water to grow.

If these facts have made you desperate to own your own Gerberas then these care tips can help you get long-lasting, great looking flowers! Leave tubes on the stem (if sold with them) as they provide extra support. Soak the stems (with tubes on) in water for 2-3 hours after purchase to help them rehydrate. Place in a vase with luke-warm water and flower food (a small teaspoon of sugar, teaspoon of lemon juice and four drops of bleach can be used if you don’t have flower food). Cut stems at an angle if trimming to fit in your vase and keep them underwater while cutting. Remove leaves that are submerged in the water as these will rot. Change the water daily to prevent blockages in the stems (this is a common problem with Gerberas).

If you want to grow your own Gerberas in the garden to cultivate and cut, then these tips can help: use nutrient rich, dry soil, plant Gerberas in areas where they will be exposed to morning sun and evening shade and ensure there is sufficient spacing between your Gerberas. Protect the plants from physical pests (caterpillas, cutworms and insects) which feed on the leaf tissue and attack the flower. Take precautions against fungal diseases common to this flower. They are typically caused by Botrytis cinerea which attacks dead parts of the plant before spreading to living tissue and is more likely to occur during humid and cloudy weather

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