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Choose from a wide range of long lasting indoor plants and order online in few clicks. Our houseplants will brighten up any livingroom, kitchen or office. They are a wonderful and affordable gift option for a green-fingered friend. Delivered safely with our FREE courier delivery, they are guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition. Simply order online by 10pm and we will deliver your gift next day. You can also send plants by post .

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Houseplants are not just pretty to look at, but they also have several health benefits.

Plants help us breathe: We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite. By increasing oxygen levels in the room, they contribute to our healthy lifestyle.
Plants help us prevent illness: Studies suggest they reduce the signs of dry skin ailments, sore throats, coughs and colds.
Plants as natural cleanser: Houseplants help clean our air and remove indoor pollutants. Some of the best air cleaners are English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Azalea and the Spider Plant.
Plants as healers: Houseplants are one of the most popular gifts for hospital patients? They cheer them up, but also have healing properties. Plants help to lower blood pressure, calm the nerves and decrease pain. They also help with fatigue and reduce anxiety levels.
Plants help you concentrate: Ever wondered why your office is home to an abundance of potted plants? Studies show that ornamental indoor plants help us concentrate.
Plants lift your mood:Cheerful display of greenery is enough to banish any dark clouds hovering over your head. Surround yourself with plants as a natural anti-depressant.

Now that you know how good plants are for you, why not add some to your home too? Leafy houseplants turn any room into a relaxing oasis filled with vibrant colour. Are you wondering what plants for what room? Start with the easiest ones to care for. They will fit into any room and will need minimum maintenance. We recommend planted rose baskets, campanula, orchids, or Kalanchoe.

The most popular home plants in UK

Spider Plant. Low maintenance and produces flowers in spring and summer.
Aloe Vera. Great beauty and health benefits.
Peace Lily. Plant sensitive to light and water levels. Be careful with watering and keep out it of sun in summer.
Jade Plant. One of the most common houseplants and we see the appeal.
African Violets. They come in a variety of colour.

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and buy plants from the comfort of your home. If you need indoor plants delivered next day, place your order by 10.00 pm.