Lily or lilies are known as Lilium. It is a flowering plant which grows from bulbs with large impressive flowers. They can growth to a length between 60 and 180 cm. Their bulbs can have various forms – for example they can be naked, rhizomes with a number of small bulbs or stolons. They come in various colours like yellow, pink, red, orange, white and even purple. As with orchids, they also have their unique marks in form of spots or brush strokes. If you want a lily bouquet from your own garden, keep in mind they flower in spring or late summer.

How do you take care of your fresh cut lilies? Make sure you start with a clean vase. Take the flowers and cut about 3cm from the bottom at a 45-degree angle. This ensures that the plant can take in a lot more water. Cut with clean scissors. Place the flowers in vase, add fresh water and flower food. Keep them away from draft and hot places at home. Replace the water every couple of day to extend their lifespan.

Our collection of lily bouquets features the most popular colours – white, pink and yellow. Send them as a birthday gift or to your mum for Mother’s Day. They blend beautifully with a variety of smaller flowers. Pink ones represent harmony and joy in the home, so they are perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. White lily is a customary choice for sympathy flowers. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying these in your kitchen or to send someone you love just because. Don’t wait for the next birthday or festive time to bring a bit of sunshine to your loved ones. Order your fresh gorgeous flowers for delivery in UK today.

The lily flower is enjoyed by many for both its beauty and fragrance. Here are a few facts about lilies that might surprise you! One – Coloured lilies, despite their appearance, are not fragranced, whilst white ones are scented. The one exception is the Tiger Lily, which is renowned for its sweet scent. Two – Certain countries grow these flowers for their bulbs and not their flowers. The edible bulb is enjoyed as a delicacy in some parts of the world. Three – They symbolise different meanings in different parts of the world. For example, Tiger Lilies are associated with wealth, whilst white one symbolise purity. Four – Lilies are celebrated for their lengthy vase life. Removing the pollen found in the flower can extend it even further. Five – They are often used in medicine to treat various ailments, including anxiety and depression. The moisturising properties work well as a facial cream, massage oil, hot oil treatment and as an under-eye lotion. Six – Although the innocent-looking lily is harmless to humans, it’s extremely toxic to cats. Seven – They are often used as centerpieces at dinner parties and prestigious events. Eight – They signify innocence. In Victorian times, they were nicknamed ‘majesty’ due to their association with the Virgin Mary and their angelic shape. People of this era would often use lilies as embellishments for evening gowns. Nine – They are happiest when grouped together and create extremely impressive display. Ten – Egyptians enjoyed this pretty floral specie greatly and were amongst the first people to use the flower in cosmetics. Lily extract was added to both ointments and scented oils.

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