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Orchids make a wonderful gift for any occasions and with their delicate blooms and easy care they are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Send orchids by post or courier to brighten up someone’s day with a gift that will last. Choose from Dendrobium or Phalaenopsis potted orchids in pink, yellow and white colours to find the perfect match for the recipient.

Orchids are one of the two largest families of flowering plants. They have a reputation of being high maintenance, but the opposite is true. Orchids will bloom for many years if placed in correct environment. Follow some simple orchid care advice to keep your orchid plants happy. Orchid plants grow as a single stem in two ways, Sympodial or Monopodial. Most known Monopodial orchids are Vanilla and Vanda. From simple, delicate white flowers to a rainbow of colours, you will find an orchid to suit all tastes. We have still many things to learn about orchids. Recently, scientists discovered that orchids mimic human body odour to attract mosquitoes. Beautiful and smart, right?

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Sending orchids by post or courier sounds dangerous, right? They are so delicate and fragile. It makes one wonder how do book orchid delivery to your relatives in the UK? The answer is simple: by using a reputable online florist, like Serenata Flowers. We take safety of our plants seriously. We can arrange orchid delivery in the UK any day of the week. Our orchid plants travel safely. Well fed, secured and taken care of. We use only sturdy heavy duty cardboard boxes for our orchid delivery. The plants are secured and supplied with plenty of water for the journey. Upon arrival, the recipient simply follows few care instructions to keep the orchids happy.

Where to buy an orchid online in UK? With plenty of places with orchids for sale across the country, what makes us special? At Serenata Flowers, we put quality and value for money as our top priorities. We believe in making beautiful plant gifts affordable for everyone. Send orchids with next day delivery from Serenata Flowers and enjoy our first-class service including free delivery and free greeting card.

Pick your favourite orchid online to take advantage of amazing offers and regular discounts. Choose from same day delivery, next day delivery or timed orchid delivery options for your gift. Our next day delivery is available all week, from Monday to Sunday. Order latest by 10pm on weekdays for guaranteed next day delivery. Choose Serenata Flowers to send orchids plants by post or next day with courier. Share one of the most beautiful gifts of the natural kingdom with those you love. If you’re lost for words, let our stunning orchid plants do the talking for you.

Phalaenopsis and dendrobium orchids are the most common varieties in UK. They flourish in places that are centrally heated. They flower over a long period and are available in a diverse variety of flower colours.

Watering – Over-watering is the most common way to kill orchids. Lift your pot first to check if it feels heavy. If it does, do not water. Regularly check the colour of roots. If they are green, don’t water. The best time to water orchids plant is when its roots are silvery.
Light – Orchid plants grow in conditions where they can receive bright light. Direct light can burn the leaves, so be careful. Do not remove the damaged leaves if your Phalaenopsis orchid gets arid.
Humidity – Since most orchids are tropical plants, they grow well under humid conditions. Spray your orchids with lukewarm water every two to three days. Keep the pot on a tray of humid gravel, which will help to preserve the humidity levels.
Location – Orchids will be happy on a window sill without a direct sunlight. Second option would be bathroom where they get plenty of humidity.
Food – Orchids like their food. Feed them once in a month or less often, depending on the orchid food you use.
Pot – As soon as you see the roots growing over the top, it is time to change the pot. When repotting, cut off the dead roots.